CONMELEON C1 @ 7th 4DIAC User Workshop

CONMELEON was invited to join the 7th 4DIAC Users Workshop taking place during the Emerging Technology and Factory Automation conference in Berlin on the 7th of september this year. Please visit the official conference website for more details about the conference proceedings.

CONMELEON was demonstrating a little home automation environment, with the CONMELEON C1 device running a 4DIAC FORTE runtime system and a MQTT broker setup to communicate with an openHAB server. The openHAB app was used to control the LED lights with a smartphone. You can find some more information on the setup, by reading the interesting article on The article is written in german language, sorry guys!

The crowd was very interested and a lot of interesting talks took place.

A big thanks goes to the 4DIAC project group, for making this possible.

Here we have a little impression from Berlin.

Potsdamer Platz in BerlinCONMELEON C1 demonstrator setup